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Woohoo! C.L. Foster is taking over my blog today!

Hey everyone! One of my favorite people and authors in the world is doing a guest post today! I'm so excited! This is my first ever guest post I've done on my blog and there's no better way I'd love to kick it off than to start off with her being the first post! It's also ironic that she's guest posting today and I'm posting her cover reveal tomorrow! Be sure to look out for it! Without further ado, here's C.L. Foster!

Vacationing with a Wereleopard

It’s summertime and that makes me think of water in all forms (beaches, lakes, rivers, pools, puddles, anything!). As badly as I’m craving a vacation, that got me thinking about the Cortez sisters. I wonder what it would be like for them to have a vacation if they were able to, so I decided to sit down with them and find out their thoughts on the subject. I’m inviting you all into the interview as well!

CL Foster: So ladies, I know you’ve not been big vacationers before, but I’m curious as to what your favorite spots would be if and when you can go. Ha. Spots. Puns R Us!

Audire: *droll stare*

Saber: No puns, please. Though *chuckle* if we had to have any, that was cute. Spots. Ha ha. Okay, moving on?

CL Foster: Sorry, yes. *giggle* Testy?

Saber: A little. It’s stressful around her right now.

CL Foster: You girls are all completely opposite of each other. To sit here and look at you all at once, it’s crazy to imagine that you’re even related, much less quintuplets.

Mira: Yeah, it’s pretty crazy. We’re hypothesizing that the curse shifted our DNA to make us look different to go with our powers. Though, we, of course, can’t be sure about that.

CL Foster:  *chuckles* Totally understandable. You’re all gorgeous and I’m super envious. Now… let’s get to it. If you girls could go anywhere where you want to go? You’re probably sick of water and humidity living in the Everglades. Does that mean you would all want to go somewhere that it snows or something?

Mira: Technically we are a marsh, swampland area, which is significantly different than, say, the beach or something. If we’re being specific. We have other predators, but a significantly higher rate of insects and… that’s not even important here is it? *blush*

Nidor: *scoff* You’re such a nerd.

Mira: *grin* I know, thanks.

CL Foster: Actually, that’s a good point. I guess just getting away from the same area anywhere would be good, yes? Even though you’re all technically cats, does that mean you still like the water? Also, please excuse me if any of my questions sound offensive. I’m just curious.

Mira: Clouded leopards are exceptional swimmers, CL. *pointed glare*

CL Foster: So you girls are great at climbing and swimming and each have an extra ability on top of all of that? Is there anything you can’t do?

Rozar: Can’t be invisible.

Mira: Or escape this curse, apparently. *frown*

Nidor: Or get have peace.

CL Foster: Okay, let’s just focus on good things. How about those vacation locales? Mira?

Mira: To be honest, I’d love to go somewhere tropical with not a lot of people. Maybe snorkeling or scuba diving. Just be in the water, no one bothering me.

CL Foster: Good point. That’s a real vacation to me. I love snorkeling. On my last major trip, I went to Honduras and snorkeled there. It was amazing and I touched a shark.

Mira: Yeah, you’re crazy.

CL Foster: Thanks for noticing!

Mira: I do like adventure and new things though. I research things all the time. I’d like to go to Alaska and other places also. I’m not adverse to any traveling. Anywhere but here. I mean that. I think going anywhere twice is a waste. Though some people have their favorite places, the world is too huge and amazing to repeat a trip. Of course, that’s coming from someone who doesn’t get out much, so it’s more wishful thinking than anything.

CL Foster: *nod* I totally understand that.

Nidor: She’s seriously such a nerd. She researches more than she talks to us.

Mira: I learn from my books. What are you going to teach me? How to be a recluse? 

Nidor: There’s nothing wrong with being alone.

CL Foster: Hence daydreaming about vacations! Who’s next? How about you, Nidor?

Nidor: I would like to go to Suan Nong Nooch in Thailand. It’s 600 acres of ornamental gardens and it just looks amazing.

CL Foster: Oh how nice. I bet that smells incredible.

Mira: And she calls me a nerd! She had to research to know that off the top of her head.

Nidor: *blatantly ignores Mira* Yes, fresh and a lot of open space for me to run. Solo.

CL Foster: Well, now that we are super sure Nidor isn’t being bitter…. How about you, Rozar?

Rozar: *chuckles* Nidor isn’t being bitter, I promise. She’s just annoyed with our current situation, but we are going to win and figure all of this crap out. *winks at Nidor* Anyway, personally, I don’t want to go anywhere.

CL Foster: Why not?

Rozar: With my ability, it’s just awkward.

CL Foster: Oh, right. It has to add an extra layer or weirdness due to your abilities. For you, specifically, what would be most annoying?

Rozar: My eyes aren’t as good as everyone else’s so I rely much more on touch, but I am sensitive to others touching me. Bug bites make me crazy, pain is exacerbated in almost every situation. Also, I’m sensitive to light. Though I can heal others quickly, I heal much slower. It’s just a bad idea for me to be out in the general public. *uncomfortable chuckles*

CL Foster: Well, what about someplace with not a lot of sunshine and less bugs than somewhere tropical?

Rozar: *eyebrow quirk*

CL Foster: Why not go somewhere like Ireland? Green, lush, and beautiful. Plus, amazing accents and lots of dudes in kilts in close proximity. You could even scoot over to Scotland and England while there. Lots of overcast days and you could wear gloves and not get too close to people or wear a “I Have Cooties” tshirt or walk around with a medical mask on to look ill.

Rozar: *perks up* That sounds awesome! I need to invest in some arm-length gloves. Time to hit up ebay! Why didn’t I think of that before?

CL Foster: Not a problem at all. The easier answer is usually the one that’s right in front of us. You’re like me though, you think “vacation” and your mind goes tropical, but tropical isn’t for everyone for sure. Who’s next? Saber?

Saber: I’m not interested.

Mira: Yes, she is. She needs to do something with lots of amazing food and happiness.

Saber: *glare* No. I have things to do here. Someone has to keep you guys in line.

Mira: That’s why we have a mother. Geez.

Saber: There’s nothing I want to do and rude people make me feel gross.

Mira: Oh goodness!!! What about a tour of places known for amazing food?

CL Foster: Oh what a great idea! She could travel across Europe and the Middle East.

Mira: Yes! And she could have dessert everywhere and not worry about real food unless she wanted to. Dessert is her favorite anyway.

CL Foster: A tour de sugar!

Mira: Absolutely! She could have chocolate soufflé in Paris and the basbousa in Cairo.

CL Foster: And then kurtos kalacs in Budapest!

Mira: Then, when her flight gets back to the states, she can go to New York and have cheesecake and then New Orleans for beignets before coming home. Oh my God. I need to go on this vacation with 
Saber. That sounds divine!

CL Foster: Also, Saber, you can stay at tiny hostels and boarding houses instead of big hotels. They have less people and those people that are in those places tend to be happier and more low-key, so less stress.

Saber: That is true. Okay, you guys sold me. One day, when I can take a vacation, it will be a foodies dream. But, I’m pretty sure you guys are trying to make me fat. *chuckles*

CL Foster: Nah, you’re good. Eat your fill, shift, run for a few miles in a few minutes, bam. Calories gone.

Mira: Plus, she always eats really great things, when she remembers to eat and she’s one of the fittest of all of us.

Saber: *shrug* Weird genetics.

Mira: Touché!

CL Foster: Okay, who else? Audire?

Audire: Padded cell somewhere?

Nidor: *snort* Leave it to her to want to go to prison for vacation.

Mira: I’m sure we could find some way for you to soundproof things so you could enjoy them.

Audire: I already use earplugs. It’s not just my ears. My entire body is like one big tuning fork. When the earplugs are in, I still feel vibrations and can hear you speak like normal. The only time there is silence is when I overload and then I’m totally deaf and that’s uncool, too. I have no peace.

CL Foster: That must be a pain in the ass. So sorry to hear that. Okay, so…. What sounds do you like to hear?

Audire: *soft smile* I love the sound of waves and animals. I want to stop being able to hear tons of heartbeats and when people are bad it overloads my system, too. I mean, I’m practicing and getting stronger, but for now, I just want a few hours of good sounds only.

CL Foster: You hear everything?

Audire: Everything. Blood pumping, hair growing, ovulation, and so much more. It’s very frustrating. I even hear mating. *glares at Mira*

Mira: What? You guys think I’m a virgin still?

Rozar: Yeah, right.

Audire: You can’t talk. You and Shade are in church a few times a day.

Rozar: In chur-… oh.

Audire: Mhm. God has nothing to do with that poor mattress. *chuckles*  Anyway, the point is – I can hear everything and it’s frustrating.

CL Foster: So, what I’m hearing is you need a true getaway with nature and no people.

Audire: That would be ideal, yes.

CL Foster: Sweet. What about a private island. Water, forest, empty house with no staff or electronics. Just you, comfy things, and silence.

Audire: *rolls her head back and moans softly* Yes. Oh God, yes.

Mira: Speaking of church *giggles and tosses a look at Rozar who blushes*

Saber: So, CL, has this all been one big tease or are we going on vacation?

CL Foster: I tell you what. Let me finish the books and see if I can get you guys some free time and then we will see what we can do.

Mira: Patience isn’t our strong suit. Well, except for Nidor. Sometimes I think all she ever does is wait.

Nidor: I’m not in a rush with life. Maybe if you slowed down and appreciate life a little better, you wouldn’t be so stressed?

Mira: *nod* Perhaps.

CL Foster: Well, you girls go back to being badass and I will get back to writing out your stories. Then I will work on getting us some sugar daddies so we can afford these vacations we want.

Audire: Yeah, get on that, would you? I’m anxious for my quiet time. I think I’ve earned it at this point.

CL Foster: That, you have. Thank you so much for joining me ladies.

Mira: Thanks for having us. This was fun.

Nidor: Yeah, Mira got to flex her nerd for a bit. I’m sure she’s pleased.

Mira: And Nidor stayed in the room with all of us for more than a few minutes. I’m sure that’s a new record.

Saber: Can you guys just be normal to each other for a few minutes?

Audire: What is normal? I am pretty sure you are asking way too much *chuckles*

And there you have it, folks. Wereleopards sometimes DO want to go on vacation. When they have a crazy, curse-wielding witch, a psycho-killer father, and various other things against them, it’s tough to unwind. Thanks so much for hanging with us!

Book 2 of the Imprint Series – Audire’s story – Tone of Betrayal, is slotted to release August 19th, 2014. Book 1 – Grip ofMortality, featuring Mira and Rozar, is available now!

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  2. Gonna try this again. So if it dupes, I am sorry. I think you need to put me on that list for Sugar Daddy too CL cause I want to go along on these vacations. Love the beach, castles, Ireland, food, Europe, and quiet. I will even keep my mouth shut for those who want and or need quiet. This is an amazingly great blog interview, I think you might want to consider putting it as a preface to a future work in the series. Thanks for sharing it with us Victoria.

    1. Some of them can hear your thoughts, bunny. Be careful ;) haha I will put you on the "needs a sugar daddy" list though! LOL <3

  3. Great blog interview and I love the picture of you! I agree it would definitely work as a preface to other work. Thanks for sharing I really enjoyed it.

  4. Thanks for having me on your blog, boo!! I loved writing this and am glad my girls cooperated. You know how they get >.> hehe SOMEONE was about to have to swerve... ;) <3

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