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Kicking it with Gypsy Rae Choszer!

I recently had the pleasure to read Gypsy Rae Chozser's debut novel, Rain Check. After reading it, I just HAD to interview her to get more information on how this book came to be! I absolutely loved it and if you haven't read it yet, be sure to get it!


For Avery Montgomery, the devastation of losing her parents in a tragic accident has left her completely shattered. As she begins to pick up the pieces of her once perfect life, she uncovers a secret that will forever change her—she’s adopted!

In a search for answers, Avery ventures to Portland where she rents a room from Jonah, a quirky artist who quickly becomes her best friend. His house puts her in close proximity to the metaphysical shop run by her birth mother, the free-spirited Marianna Hutchins. Avery enters The Crystal Moon fully intending to confront Marianna, but instead she chickens out and inquires about a job. She's hired; yet remains leery about confessing her secret.

As Avery settles into town, she has an embarrassing encounter with Gabe, the incredibly attractive man who works a few doors down. Despite the awkward introduction, there is undeniable chemistry, but after a recent heartbreak all he’s looking for is friendship.

Everyone deserves a second chance. Will Avery get hers with a new family? Will Gabe allow himself a second chance at love? Will they embrace their new relationships, or will they simply decide to take a rain check?

The Interview

     V: Hey there, Gypsy! So happy to have you on my blog! How about you tell the people who you are, where you’re from, and what you’re about!

G: Thanks Victoria!  I’m Gypsy Rae Choszer, author of the new adult novel Rain Check.  I’m the lucky mom of three amazing boys, and married to my best friend.  We all live in Arizona with our crazy dog Rosie and two chickens.  We used to have four, but two of them mysteriously passed away.  Rest in peace Hilda and Henry.

      V: Not everyone is fortunate enough to come straight out of the womb knowing they wanted to be a writer. I, on the other hand, knew this when I was simply a fetus, writing my memoir in the icky pits of amniotic fluid. Okay, I’m totally kidding. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know I had arms to do anything with at that point of my life. Moving on. Do you have any authors/friends/family members that helped influence you to write? Who keeps you motivated in regards to your writing? Who was it that gave you the push you needed to start typing or writing away?

G: I have always been a writer.  In high school I was a singer in a band and the drummer and myself would have epic lyric writing marathons.  The lyrics were always super angsty and emo…  basically, exactly what you might expect a couple of sixteen year olds to write.  I may have to dig up some of our old albums and share the lyrics one of these days. 

I have a lot of people in my life who encourage me; my husband and our families have been very supportive on this journey.  Jennifer Miller is one of my very best friends and she has been an amazing support and cheerleader.  She and I have been meeting for weekly writing dates for the last 1.5 years and I don’t think I could have come this far without her.  She has been there to hold my hand at every turn and I am enormously blessed to have her in my life.

      V:Now that we have the proper introductions and information out of the way, let’s get down to business. Rain Check. I absolutely loved the story and I actually became teary-eyed at one scene (which rarely happens). So tell me, what inspired the thoughts and genius words behind Rain Check?

G: I had been working on a different writing project that had stalled.  There had been a couple of deaths in our family and suddenly the subject matter of that particular project became too difficult to write anymore.  Jennifer Miller and I got together for our weekly writing date to discuss my issues with the project and we started talking about her next one, which ended up being Whispering Wishes.  As we spoke I realized that what I needed was to write something lighter.  Something that was mostly just for fun.  We came up with the idea to have a couple of crossover characters, and suddenly the ideas just started flowing.  By the end of our meeting I had most of Rain Check plotted out and I was able to go home and write out the first chapter.

V: If you could bring any character from your book to life, who would it be? Personally, before you say anything, I would probably have to ask you to say Jonah. But because this is your interview, that’s neither here nor there! Sorry, got a tad bit off topic there. Which character would you bring to life?

G: That’s an easy one.  Without a doubt it would be Jonah.  He is my favorite character hands down.  He was so much fun for me to write.   He seems to be a fan favorite too, every single message I get from readers mentions how much they love Jonah.

V: Avery works in a metaphysical shop in Rain Check, and there seem to be a lot of detailed information on what was sold there and done in that sort of shop. Was this something that you had to research or was this something that you actually know about and practice in real life? I think it’s rather groovy either way!

G: When I was in high school, my best friend and I used to ditch school and drive to Park City, Utah for lunch.  We would always stop in a little metaphysical bookstore while we were there to buy incense and look at the crystals, and drool over all the gorgeous tarot decks.  I didn’t have to do a ton of research because I have been in enough metaphysical shops to have a good idea of what to expect.  I DID have to do some research on tarot for the reading that Marianna gives to Avery.  Luckily I have some friends who are gifted in tarot and actually give readings.  They were so kind to help me and explain to me what different cards would mean in a reading.

As for myself, I have a tendency to lean towards natural health and the metaphysical. I’ve been known to carry a crystal or two in my bra for energy, and I was actually a licensed massage therapist for eight years until I injured my wrist several years ago.  I gave birth to all of our boys at home, I am working on becoming a certified aromatherapist (I am obsessed with essential oils), and I am certified in several healing energy modalities.     

V: Do you know when you’ll be releasing anything else? It’s totally cool if you’re just going with the flow and basking in the after glow of your release. Butnot to be all demanding and what notI need something to read from you likeyesterday. So yeah. Any release dates or word of any upcoming projects?

G: I don’t have any solid dates yet, but my goal is to have something out by October.  I have been working on a companion book to Rain Check which will tell Wren’s story.  There will of course be more Jonah. ;)

V:  I believe I have asked you this before personally, but I just want to ask again for the record. One of your characters in Rain Check is related to a character in Jennifer Miller’s book Whispering Wishes (which is also awesome)! Was that done on purpose or completely coincidental?
G: Totally on purpose.  The idea for having those crossover characters is actually what birthed the idea for Rain Check.

     V: If you had to pick any scene in your book, which would be your favorite one?

G: I love the scene where Avery and Gabe kiss at the top of the ferris wheel.  I had actually written that scene for the project I was working on before, but I loved it so much I decided to put it in Rain Check.  I also love when Jonah paints himself blue.

V:  Which scene was the hardest to write?

G: It isn’t a scene exactly, but the whole last section of the book.  I rewrote the ending twice before it felt right.  My first ending was a total disaster and I knew it.  It was rushed and just felt wrong.  After a few panic attacks and some good conversations with my critique partners and betas I went back in and rewrote the last 7 or 8 chapters. 

V: To show people how awesome this book is, can you give a small teaser? Between the dialogue and the amazing storytelling, I’m pretty sure you’ll have people eating out of your hand!

V: As an author, I know how important music can be in the process of writing. What was on your playlist as you wrote Rain Check?

G: I like music that doesn’t have a lot of lyrics, but has a good beat.  Not like a get up and dance beat, but more of a trance beat…  I listened to a Zero 7 station on Pandora, as well as Sigur Ros, Portishead, and Dax Johnson.  Dax is piano music, which I love to get lost in when everything else seems to have too many lyrics.

V: Where can people find your book to purchase?

G: Rain Check is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

V: How can people connect with you on social network? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, blog, website, etc.)


About the Author

Gypsy Rae Choszer grew up in the valley below Mount Timpanogos where she watched the apricot trees in her backyard bloom every spring. When she was eighteen she packed her bags and ran away to the exotic locale of Mesa Arizona to begin the work of being an adult. 

Gypsy’s love of reading began as a child when her mom would take her to their local library and let her bring home stacks of whatever she wanted. This often lead to Gypsy reading with a dictionary nearby to explain words she intuitively knew her mother wouldn't approve of.

In her spare time she likes to explore photography, make jewelry, eat chocolate, and mix magical potions.

When she’s not writing, you can find Gypsy hanging out at home with her husband and best friend, their three children, a neurotic dog, and four chickens. However, Gypsy knows her family will not be complete until she brings home a peacock and a goat.


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