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Spicing Things Up with Author Cassy Roop!

Hello everyone! It's that time again! What time, you ask? To interview another author! This week, we'll be learning about Cassy Roop and the start of her Celtic Knot series that I instantly fell in love with! Let's get to it!

The Blurb

Ashley’s Bend-a knot used to securely join the ends of two ropes together.

Ashley Carter thought she had the perfect life as the loving and supportive wife to her upcoming attorney husband. Marrying her high school sweetheart and moving to Chicago to start a life with him seemed perfect, until she ends up walking in on him with another woman.

Determined to start her life over after always sacrificing herself, she attends the grand opening of a new club in town with her best friend. She went expecting to have a good time, what she didn’t expect was to meet Dominic Michaels.

Dominic Michaels is the owner operator of a string of BDSM clubs, The Celtic Knot. He displays control and power over everything in his life, especially his women. Having suffered through a tragic event at a young age, he never allows a woman to remain a part of his life beyond the bedroom, that is until he meets Ashley Carter.

Can the love of a woman loosen the knots of control that Dominic securely holds on to?

Sometimes it is hard to make the shift from control to surrender

The Interview

V: Hey, girl! Thanks so much for doing this interview with me. How about we start off by knowing a little about you?

C: I live in Virginia with my husband and three kids. I am a work from home mom, where I run an in-home daycare, a Les Mills certified group fitness instructor at Gold's Gym, and a full time college student where I am studying Liberal Arts and Graphic design. I love anything with peanut butter!

V: Writing and self-publishing can be hard and intimidating to most people, which causes them to not follow their dreams. What was the life changing moment where you knew that this was something that you wanted to do?

C: I don't have a real life changing "moment" where I decided to be a writer. It is something that I have always wanted to do. After speaking to one of my favorite authors, I decided to just take the plunge.

V: Now that we've survived the basics, let's get down to my favorite part: the book. How do I feel about Ashley's Bend...honey, honey, honey, let me tell YOU! Wait, before I even go into that, how about you tell me what inspired you to write that? I see that you have another book, The Price of Love, but isn't Ashley's Bend your first erotica? How did you make the switch from romance to erotica? And yes, that's two questions in one.

C: I am a reader of most romance genres, so I decided I wanted to be a bit diverse in my writing. The concept of AB came to me one night when I was looking at my Celtic tattoo on my arm. Then I just associated it with knots, bondage, etc. and AB was born. My characters are pretty strong willed. They keep talking in my head until I finally put it down in words.

V: When creating your main characters, Ashley and Dominic, did you have any muses in mind to help you create their physical features? If so, let's see them!

C: Oh yes! Stuart Readon was and always will be my Dominic. Hayden Panettiere is my Ashley and Dewayne "The Rock" Johnson is my Knox!

V: One thing that I can definitely say is that your book actually made me reconsider the BDSM genre. After 50 Shades, I wanted NO part in it. But the way you incorporated it into the storyline and gave it PURPOSE, I thought it was very enjoyable to say the least. As far as BDSM goes, what influenced you to write about it?

C: I wrote it because it interested me. I had to do a lot of research in order to make sure that I was writing everything correctly to my knowledge. I also loved FSOG, so I decided to try my hand in it.

V: If you could bring any character from your book to life, who would it be and why? If I had to choose, I'd personally bring Jared in just to kill him because he irritated my entire life, but that's neither here nor there. Anyway, who was it for you?

C: Definitely Dominic! That man made me hot just writing him lol. I love how he broke through his own walls in order to let Ashley in. It also helps that he is oh so sexy too!

V: My assistant, Christie Mounce, told me about your book and I bought it the same night. I stayed up until FIVE in the morning reading it (knowing DAMN WELL I had to see my hematologist at NINE) and was a walking zombie all day. The book pulls you in from the first page, which is great for me because I have the attention span of a hummingbird! How about you show the people a couple of teasers!

V: There's always that one scene that's hard to write. Whether it's sad, hard to put into words, or too emotional, there's always that one part where we get stuck and have to really evaluate things. Was there any part of the book that was tough for you to write? Not necessarily like a writer's block type of tough, but tough emotionally?

C: The part that tore me up the most was the scene where Dominic takes Ashley on their first date. Knowing how hard it was for him to admit his feelings and emotions was  one thing, but knowing Ashley was going to destroy that was hard.

V: What was your favorite part of the book? As a reader, it's hard for me to say because I loved the entire thing. But as a writer, what scene(s) did you enjoy writing the most? I'll be open minded for this question and not put my mind in the gutter!

C: Honestly, my favorite part of any of my books are the intimate scenes. For some reason, the words just seem to flow easily for me during those times!

V: What are your plans for the Celtic Know series? Do you have any new releases planned any time soon?

C: The Celtic Knot series will be a three part series. Book 2, Figure Eight, will be out on July 24th. Book 3, Triquetra, will be along this Fall.

V: You currently have The Price of Love and Ashley's Bend available. Where can readers find your books?

C: The Price of Love is available on most eBook platforms. Ashley's Bend is exclusive to Amazon until September.

V: The places you can find Cassy Roop!


About the author

Cassy is a work at home mom where she spends her days surrounded by children, running her in-home daycare. She loves to cook, read and spend her nights and weekends being a Les Mills group fitness instructor. She has been a lover of all things romance from a very early age. She hopes and dreams that everyone can receive their happy ever after. A good ol' country girl at heart, she was born and raised in Arkansas and now resides in Charlottesville, Virginia with her husband and three young children.

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