Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cover Reveal and Other Loonish Activities


It has been forever since I have made a blog post. I think the last time I made one, I was a fetus or something. But seriously, it's been way too long! I shall never, ever, ever leave you-- wait, what was I going on about? I already forgot.

Anyway, I released the cover for Love Reborn about a week or so ago. It's definitely a piece of eye candy. I definitely can't wait to get this thing printed along with poster to go with my Love Unbroken poster. Sometimes I stare at this stuff and can't believe that these pictures, these covers, translate and depict the stories that I'm telling. These posters reflect the hard work that I've put into something that I love so much and it makes me so happy.

The original cover that I had for this was pretty and simple, but I became bored with it pretty quickly. I have the attention span of a hummingbird, I swear, it's horrid sometimes. I wanted something that would have me addicted just as much as my Love Unbroken cover, which is just absolutely sexy. Do you guys remember it?

Sorry, I started staring again. Anyway, yeah. I wanted a cover that gave me the same effect that Love Unbroken did. I think it definitely captures the story and I'm super grateful for my cover designer Laura of Bookfabulous Designs (hey girl, hey!).

I've finally finished the edits for Love Reborn today. 230 pages of grief! Although I edit other books for a living, editing my own work is SO tedious. That sounds crazy, right? That's because it is! When I edit my own work, I have to read slower because I have to read it as it's meant to be read, not what I know I should have written down. There were so many petty, tiny mistakes that were made due to typing too fast, but I caught them all (I think so anyway). 

I need to start working on the rewrites for Love Unbroken. To be honest, I'm super nervous about it. What if people don't like it this time around? My biggest fear is that they won't like it and won't give Love Reborn a chance. Maybe I'm worried about the wrong thing, but being a perfectionist causes me to think about these things. I'm excited about publishing them both. I finished Love Reborn during Camp Nano, so that was pretty cool as well. As weird as it sounds, I miss Camp Nano! It was a great push that I needed to finish a book that I had procrastinated on for so long.

I think that's pretty much it for the moment. I'm releasing both Love Unbroken (re-release) and Love Reborn on June 12th, so I have a lot of work that I need to do before I'm even close to being ready! I'll catch you loons on the flip side!



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