Thursday, September 19, 2013

The concept behind Love Unbroken

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This blog post is WAY overdue. I've been meaning to write this for a while now after so many people voiced their opinion about the ending of this book. Unfortunately, thanks to my Lupus, I have the attention span of a hummingbird and tend to forget things that I'm supposed to be doing. Anyway, allow me to explain myself to help you better understand why things happened the way that they did.

Love Unbroken is not a true story, but it was built on true emotions that I felt over a recent breakup. You know, hardly being able to spend time with the person I loved due to their job, feeling lonely and confused, being betrayed by friends, that sort of thing. I tend to be dramatic; this is something that I know and something that I'm not afraid to admit. I tend to paint pictures bigger than they are meant to be but isn't that the beauty of being creative? Going above and beyond? I do admit that there may have been a lot of drama in the book, but mind you, due to a lot of fighting, there was a lot of drama in my life. It kind of bothers me a bit that some people directly tried to attack me for how I wrote my story as if they didn't have drama in their late teens (18-19) and early 20s. Unless you've lived a sheltered life, I'm pretty sure you've encountered SOME kind of nonsense in your life. If you haven't, maybe you should live a little.

Anyway, about the ending. During my breakup, I began having a lot of dreams about death. It was starting to scare me because I thought that I was having premonitions of some sort so of course I consulted my good friend Google. From what I've read, dreaming about death symbolizing the end of something important and the start of something new. At that current time, a very dear relationship to me was ending and something new was bound to happen. Also, I was told that when you leave a long term relationship, you need to give yourself time to "grieve" because you've pretty much lost someone. A person doesn't have to be physically dead in order to grieve but I incorporated that into my story anyway. The ending of Love Unbroken tied my dreams together along with my grieving process. When someone physically dies, you have no choice but to force yourself to move on, right? You're not going to sit around for the rest of your life wishing that the person would come back to life and you'd wait on them until they did, right? Which is why one of my characters had to die, to emphasize that point. Had they not died and just broken up, I'm pretty sure I would've heard "Nooo, they should've stayed together! Make them a couple again!" But I didn't want to do that. Love Unbroken was closure for ME for a relationship that I lost. Because there is no going back to it, it did feel like a part of me died. So now, the surviving character is kinda forced to learn to live without this person and figure out what they want out of life on their own, which is kinda what I'm doing with my own life. I didn't expect everyone to understand my story, but I definitely didn't expect people to come for my head about it either.

Anyway, the main point I wanted to drive home with this story is to cherish the people you have. Not everyone is into material things or money. Some people spend their entire lives chasing material things and then realize why they don't have real friends to share their success with. Don't push away people who care about you because of a career. Careers come and go just like people come and go. The moral of Love Unbroken is that you can buy and have a lot of things in life, but you can't have time. Time passes whether you want it to or not. One moment you can be basking in the limelight and the next moment, you can be in the dark. In this story, one minute the couple thought they were going to be planning a wedding but instead, one of them is planning a funeral. Don't let life get in the way. Learn to find a balance and learn to properly communication and you can indefinitely have love that is truly unbreakable.



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