Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hyperventilating right now!

Okay, okay, okay. Allow me to catch my breath here for a minute. I was checking book sales and all that usual stuff this morning and checked my rank to see if I had moved up any. I'm in the top 100s which is terrific! When I checked it, I was number 29 in Multicultural and African American Romance. Out of curiosity, I checked the whole list and I was right underneath one of my FAVORITE authors Brenda Jackson! I literally couldn't breathe!

Everything that I worked so hard for is finally paying off. In middle school, when I started my journey in writing, I never expected to continue and publish something. I never expected to share my personal thoughts and stories with the world. It was just a hobby to quiet the many thoughts and scenarios that bombarded and tortured my mind each day. In the end, it all paid off! I'm on cloud 9 right now and no one can knock me down!



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