Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love Unbroken is finished!

Oh man, when I finally finished a few nights ago, I was so emotional! To be honest, I had been stuck in certain parts of my book for a good while and was scared that I wasn't going to ever finish. I needed a serious push so I set my deadline to be done on May 28th. When that date came and left and I still wasn't done, I felt like I had failed myself. After moping around majority of the weekend, Sunday night I decided to suck it up and stay up ALL night to finish it. I started around 11 or so and finally finished around 7 the next morning! I was so happy that I literally burst into tears! I've been dreaming of doing this since the 8th grade and now it is DONE! I feel like I just gave birth to my first child, minus all of the pain and everything else that comes with it.

After I got over my crying spell, I then decided to take it upon myself to be pelvic thrusts around my room. I was just that excited! I'm currently taking preorders for signed copies. They are $13.50 each and come with a signed bookmark! I want to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey!



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